Our Founder

Bruce Allen Ewing

Bruce Ewing, Founder of Bruce Ewing Landscaping

At thirteen years old, Bruce Ewing was an industrious young man who was determined to build up his savings account. He was riding his bike home after caddying at the Fort Wayne Country Club and passed by the house of Haywood Davis. Mr. Davis, owner of Davis Auto, was outside working in his yard. Mustering up all the courage he had, he approached the auto dealer and said, “Mr. Davis, I think you should be over at the country club playing golf and I should be doing that for you!” Davis hired Bruce, who soon found himself doing everything from mowing and weeding his planting beds to washing cars and feeding Davises hunting dogs. He taught Bruce a tremendous amount, but the thing that stuck most was the value of hard work.

Young Bruce Ewing at the beginning of his career

The entrepreneurial teen made $75 that first summer. Far more valuable to Bruce was the experience he gained along with a genuine love for working outdoors. The next couple summers he worked for his uncle Raymond Ewing who owned a nursery in Hicksville, Ohio. At 17, he took a big step and started his own company. The business was initially called Elmer Ewing and Son Nursery as Bruce was too young to open a business. His business eventually became Ewing Nursery and since 1985 has been known as Bruce Ewing Landscaping. He was forever grateful to these two men and the other mentors and clients who helped him through those early years. He loved to teach and has touched the lives of many by being that mentor in their lives.

E.Ewing & Son Equipment Truck & Trailer with Tractor

Bruce’s passion for landscaping evolved into a family affair. His son Rob, daughter Leslie Ewing Kitch and son-in-law Mike Kitch all joined the company after graduating from college. They worked together as a team building the company for over 20 years. Bruce passed away on February 24, 2011 at the age of 72. He was a member of The Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association and served his country as a member of the Indiana Army National Guard. Bruce served on the board of directors of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. He enjoyed traveling and spending time with his family, especially his five grandchildren. He had few other hobbies but had a true passion for landscaping. He was a successful, generous, kind, forgiving and honest man that taught by example. He is missed!

Bruce Ewing, Leslie Ewing-Kitch, Rob Ewing, & Michael Kitch